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Little package. Big hair. Big ideas.

With strong mid-west roots and a flair for adventure, Camille Yameen has been around the world and back again. She’s a professional speaker, passionate about empowering youth to find their inner spark and ignite their lives. She believes in the lasting impacts we have on one another through leadership, small acts of service and fostering true, meaningful friendships, all combined with the power of the #uglyselfie.

Hi! I’m Camille and I am so glad you are here.

If you want my long-story short, see above! But if you want to know what my deal is and why I want to be your friend, let’s chat.

I was born and raised in Liberty, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City and it’s a pretty wonderful place. My parents say that I’ve never met a stranger and I say that is pretty accurate. I was raised in a really amazing Arab-American blended family that valued loving each other, delicious food, giving back, and investing in the arts. I jumped from piano to clarinet to singing to competing in forensics (think speech, not CSI – common mistake, it’s okay). Speech gave me an outlet, a way to understand the world, and a platform of expression. It also happens to be where I fell in love with speaking.

I went on to compete in speech at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois and became a nationally ranked speaker. I loved recognizing the power one voice can have and being part of something bigger than myself.

After I graduated, I secured a fancy-schmancy job and moved to the very glittery city of Las Vegas. I thought it was what I wanted. I was very wrong.

So I traded my office space for open countryside, high heels for flip flops and red carpets for dirt roads and I joined the Peace Corps. I moved to Madagascar and my life forever changed. I’ve got about a billion stories from my time there, I’ll tell you all about it when we hang out.

I’ve been back now for a bit and love sharing my story. I can’t stay anywhere very long (I’m a bit of a free bird that way,) which is why I dig connecting with students from all over the country and teaching how to be an effective leader, bring service into the day-to-day, the ways to ignite your life and how to build meaningful friendships. I’ve learned a lot in my 20-some-ish-odd years, and basically it all comes down to this: hey — in this magical, messy world, we’re all in it together.

Interested? Lovely.

Shoot me a note and let’s make some magic happen.

Keynotes &

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Leadership Keynote & Workshop

Leadership and adventure have many similarities and Camille is no stranger to either. She compiles lessons learned while living abroad and brings them together in a hilarious and heartfelt “adventure guide” to life and leadership for student leaders. It’s woven with tales from living in Madagascar and applied to leadership positions of all kinds.


Advisor Workshop

Let’s all agree here: working with students can sometimes feel like speaking a different language. This workshop dives into the roles of the leader and listener and what makes each role important. It’s interactive, it’s fun and it’s full of team-building activities to teach us how to better hear others and how to be better be heard.



Camille is no stranger to service after her years spend in the Peace Corps. But service isn’t only found in moving 10,000 miles away. Service is found in the little moments in our daily lives in the ways we serve our communities, our family, our friends and ourselves. Whether it takes you half a world away or just down the block, small acts of service go a long way and she’d love to tell you how to make that happen.


Keynote & Workshop

The coolest thing about electricity is that it is so powerful and the current is so strong that it has a destiny of its own: to become. It believes so strongly in itself that it must become. Why should you be any different? Sometimes all it takes is a little pressure and a little friction before everything around us erupts in light. Then it’s up to you to decide, how brightly do you want to shine?


Keynote & Workshop

How well do we really know our friends and the close people in our lives? Do we really know the things that make them laugh until their stomach hurts, their earliest childhood memories, what keeps them up at night or their favorite dessert? TELL ME A SECRET is all about truly getting to know our friends by asking tough and intriguing questions. It’s about being interested, supportive, connected and reminding one another that hey – I got you, we’re all in this together.







"Even in a crowd of hundreds, Camille can make you feel as if she’s only speaking to you. Her passion and knowledge, combined with an infectious energy, make every presentation an entertaining and valuable one. You will laugh, you will feel, but most of all - you’ll learn."

Tanya Melendez, Assistant Director of Forensics


"Camille brought a powerful message to our high school students of being true to one’s self and taking risks. She inspired us to challenge ourselves to look at situations differently. Her story is inspirational and entertaining."

Cathy Jinkerson, Business Department Chair
Washington High School
Washington, Missouri

"Camille is an ideal example of what we should all strive to be when we grow up. Her stories are inspiring, and she is a gifted public speaker."

Liberty North High School

"As a leader Camille is masterful at being both demanding and patient. As a public speaker she is captivating and insightful. As a creator she studies deeply her craft and pushes the boundaries of her abilities."

Jacoby Cochran, Freelance Writer​
Collegiate Champion in Public Speaking

"Camille has an incredible heart for what she does and you can tell she loves every second of it."

Liberty North High School

"Camille did an amazing job presenting to my 6th graders. She spoke on their level with enthusiasm and passion about her experiences."

Kerri Robel
Discovery Middle School

"She was easy to connect with, lively and motivating. I was blown away!"

Liberty North High School

"It’s heartwarming to listen to a young person who has a heart for service and the desire to develop leaders in our youth and do good in the world."

Kendra Callaway, Prevention Program Director
Liberty Alliance for Youth

"Camille’s energy and zest light up a room and keep the audience engaged. You are sure to face your future feeling enthused and recharged. She’ll ignite you!"

Monica Mallory, Institute of Real Estate
Management, Kansas City

"Camille’s knowledge, energy and flexibility helped to deliver and engaging and informational presentation to our students."

Eric Forsman,
South Valley Middle School

"This was by far 'the best' training I've ever attended!"

Workshop Attendee, The Family Conservancy

"Camille was quite the orator; funny, engaging, and effective on her message. She is a spark."

Frank Dixon, President Elect
Liberty, MO Rotary Club

"Camille was very engaging, and entertaining! She knew the best way to connect with us and keep us laughing. I enjoyed her message, it was very applicable to students in leadership roles."

Fort Osage High School Student

"Camille Yameen is dynamic, inspirational and profound speaker. Her deep convictions of service and making a positive difference in the lives of others was very moving for the students. Camille’s energy and enthusiasm was a phenomenal way to end the semester."

Thomas Vansaghi, PhD,
Assistant Professor of Nonprofit
William Jewell College

"Camille is a captivating speaker who shared with us her heart warming narrative. Through her story telling abilities, she was able to transport us from downtown Kansas City to rural Madagascar. Rotaract KC is looking forward to working with her again in the future!"

Katie McCalla, President Elect
Rotaract Kansas City

"Camille Yameen is more than you could look for in a public and motivational speaker. She was professional, engaging, and inspirational. She addressed and situated to her surroundings while staying true to her quirky and enjoyable style. An absolute joy to work with."

Jackson G., Student Senate Junior Class President
Columbine High School

"We were so lucky to hear her words of wisdom and learn more about how to live as effective leaders."

William Jewell College,
Nonprofit Leadership Association

"Camille Yameen was the perfect speaker for our youth conference. She has a love of people, life experience beyond her years, a delightful sense of humor, and the communication skills to bring it all together to inspire others. We look forward to working with her again!"

Bradd Anderson
Youth Development Specialist,
Missouri 4-H


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